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Silicone Molds

Scoop-n-Save carries a huge selection of silicone molds for cake decoration. Choose from flowers and plants, animals and decorative accents such pearl and gem trims, buttons, gears, and so much more. 

Food Safe Silicone Molds allow you to make a huge range of highly detailed decorations in fondant, gumpaste or isomalt (hard candy). Silicone molds are flexible and easy to work with.  With fondant and gumpaste you work (knead) the medium till soft then push it in to the mold and then demold your new object by simply bending the mold away and let air dry. With isomalt pour the liquid into the mold and let harden before de-molding.


Seahorse Silicone Mold


Seahorse Silicone Mold Our Seahorse Mold was designed to create a highly detailed seahorse decoration to display on cakes, cookies and other desserts. This charming sea creature with its curly tail and horse-like head bears spiny...

Scroll Border Silicone Mold


Scroll Border Silicone Mold Scroll Border is a silicone mold featuring an artistic array of graceful swirls that join with curling flourishes to create an exquisite border that has been crafted twice the length of Pi so that it finishes seamlessly...

Maxine Lace Silicone Mold


Maxine Lace Silicone Mold Maxine is a marvelous lace mold in the form of a swag pattern with delicate daisies, exciting embroidery, and “C” scroll embellishments. Made with the highest quality, food grade silicone to produce an extremely...

Imperial Brooch Silicone Mold


Imperial Brooch Silicone Mold Imperial Jewel Brooch Mold is an attention-grabbing, jewel, silicone mold from the Marina Sousa collection. Its shining star is its center oval stone which is surrounded by a setting of swirling strands of smaller stones...

Flourish S-Curve Silicone Mold


Flourish S-Curve Silicone Mold Flourish S-Curve is a silicone mold that includes two stylish scrolls as well as majestic curls on the outer edges in order to create a very attractive double S-Curve that catches the eye and serves as a stylized accent in...

knit patterned silicone mold

Classic Knit Silicone Mold


Classic Knit Silicone Mold Whether you cover the sides of your cake with this incredibly textured panel or cut out shapes to top cookies and cupcakes, the Classic Knit Simpress™ is an essential knit pattern that is used to create the foundation of...

Trinity Knit Silicone Mold


Trinity Knit Silicone Mold The Trinity Knit Simpress™ was one of those projects that surprised us once the mold was made and we used it for the first time. Even though we have made a lot of molds in our lifetimes, the level of realistic...

Esme Lace Silicone Mold


Esme Lace Assorted Silicone Mold From our new Lace Couture range taken from exclusive lace pieces. Use individually or combine for stunning bespoke wedding creations. The material can withstand relatively high temperatures for short periods (up to 250C)...