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Silicone Molds

Scoop-n-Save carries a huge selection of silicone molds for cake decoration. Choose from flowers and plants, animals and decorative accents such pearl and gem trims, buttons, gears, and so much more. 

Food Safe Silicone Molds allow you to make a huge range of highly detailed decorations in fondant, gumpaste or isomalt (hard candy). Silicone molds are flexible and easy to work with.  With fondant and gumpaste you work (knead) the medium till soft then push it in to the mold and then demold your new object by simply bending the mold away and let air dry. With isomalt pour the liquid into the mold and let harden before de-molding.


Quadrille Border Silicone Mold


Quadrille Border Silicone Mold Quadrille Border is a breathtaking floral border adorned with seven equal sized dahlias surrounded by a textured backdrop with small flowers in between. Quadrille Border was designed to match Madrigal and the Small and...

Elation Silicone Onlay Mold


Elation Silicone Onlay Mold Product Description A fun and unique double ring design for the sides of your cake. Each element of the design is cleanly cut by the patented cutting blades in one step, a feature unique to Marvelous Molds’ Silicone...

Splash Silicone Onlay Mold


Splash Silicone Onlay Mold  As the name suggests, Splash Silicone Onlay® creates the look of splashed water on the side of a cake. Vary this fun pattern by using the outlines of the water droplets to create one look or the centers of them to...

Bird Eagle Silicone Mold

$45.75 $11.43

Eagle Silicone Mold Make a very detailed and gorgeous Eagle with this easy to use silicone mold  .... This is 3" x 3" x 1/2"  Create highly detailed dimensional pieces in a multitude of mediums - from sugar to chocolate, soap to clay! Add a fun...