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Pressed Sugars

Royal Icing Poppy (6pc)


These Royal Icing Poppies are a great addition to cakes, cupcakes, desserts and more ... create a beautiful bouquet at your next celebration .. they range from approx 3/4" to 1 1/4" diameter. Due to manufacturing color may vary. ...

Tombstone Pressed Sugars (3pc)


Rest in Peace to your Halloween treats - because they will be Gone 4 Now from the dessert table faster than zombies can rise from the dead! The Tombstones Dec-Ons will have your customers dying over your creations this Halloween season. Make long donuts...

Grad Hat Sweet Decor (6pc)


Your graduation party guests will leave your party with amazement when they see realistic looking caps on top of your creations. Great for use on individual cupcakes or adding to the overall look of your larger cake design. Made primarily from sugar,...

Honey Bees Pressed Sugars 5pc


These bees will "buzz" their way into your heart and not be a nuisance at all they are so cute... these are great on any Winnie the Pooh or Honey bee themed cakes or deserts! Dimensions: 1.05" x 1.20"  Please Note:  We take great care in packaging your...