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Lorann oils and emulsions

Flavours /Extracts verses Baking Emulsions

At the Scoop, Lorann is our go to company for flavours and emulsions. We chose them for the range of flavourings they offer and that they offer good quality for a reasonable price. Lorann offers many flavourings in both flavours/extracts or bakery emulsions.

When to choose a Flavour?

Flavours / Extracts are primarily alcohol based and are typically stronger than a bakery emulsion and they excel for icing, candies, gummies, pudding, jello or any treat that is not going to be heated for a significant portion of time. Because flavours are alcohol based they are not a good choice for cakes and cupcakes because they will (to a certain extent ) evaporate out during the baking process. Can you use flavours for baking? – yes but… you have to put in more of the  flavour in to the batter than you would of the similar flavour in a baking emulsion. Some of the Lorann Flavours are specifically labelled "Oils" and unlike the alcohol based flavours these are fine for baking: Lemon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Orange Oil, Anise Oil etc. Some (but not all) Lorann flavours are suitable for making chocolates – check the Lorann Safe for Chocolate Chart to make sure.

When to Choose a Bakery Emulsion?

Emulsions are the go to choice for cakes, cupcakes, breads – anything that will be in the oven for a significant portion of time. Bakery emulsions are flavour suspended in a base containing mostly water they withstand the baking process better than the alcohol suspended flavours and leave the end product more flavourful.

Use bakery emulsions just like you would a flavour/extract. 1 teaspoon bakery emulsion = 1 teaspoon extract

Blueberry Flavoring 1oz


Blueberry Flavoring 1 Dram  Think of family picnics with homemade blueberry pies or breakfasts with blueberry pancakes or muffins. Add our Blueberry, Natural flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil) to other family favorites such as crispy...

Blackberry Flavoring 1oz


Blackberry Flavoring 1 Dram  Our Blackberry flavoring (also known as candy flavoring oil) may just take you back to a time when you picked blackberries for grandma off of that old country road. It can be a pleasant addition to a cool beverage on a...

Almond Flavoring 1oz


Almond Oil Natural Flavoring 1 Dram  Our extra-strong almond flavoring is a favorite of bakers and candy makers. Almond flavor has a sweet, distinctively rich taste that is delightful on its own, yet blends beautifully with fruit flavors like...

Amaretto Flavoring 1 Dram


Amaretto Flavoring 1 Dram  If you love the flavor of almond, you must try our Amaretto flavor (also known as candy flavoring oil). Sweet, with a slight cherry taste and a hint of almond, it will add an extra layer of flavor to your breads,...

Apple Flavoring 1 Dram


Apple Flavoring 1 Dram  Bring the smell of homemade apple pie to your house when you use our Super Strength Apple Flavor in your kitchen creations. This versatile flavor is a great addition to baked goods and candies. 1 dram = about 1...

Green Apple Flavoring 1 oz


Green Apple Flavoring 1 oz  Add the tangy-ness of a Granny Smith to all kinds of candies and baked treats with our Green Apple flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil). It’s not just a fall favorite. Enjoy the taste of perfectly ripe,...

Banana Cream Flavoring 1 Dram


Banana Cream Flavoring 1 Dram  Dive into our delectable Banana Cream Flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil)! This is a popular flavor among bakers and candy makers and can be used as a secret ingredient to boost the banana flavor in any...

Banana Cream Flavoring 1 oz


Banana Cream Flavoring 1 oz  Dive into our delectable Banana Cream Flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil)! This is a popular flavor among bakers and candy makers and can be used as a secret ingredient to boost the banana flavor in any...

Banana Baking Emulsion 4 oz


Banana Baking Emulsion  Banana Emulsion tastes like fresh bananas and is perfect in banana bread and more. LorAnn Oils Baking Emulsions - Better than an Extract! Water-based instead of alcohol-based so the flavor won't bake-out! Great for cookies,...

Cherry Flavoring 1 Dram


Cherry Flavoring 1 Dram One of our most popular flavors! Cherry Flavoring (also known as candy oil) is a favorite for kids of all ages. 1 dram = about 1 teaspoon Appropriate for use in chocolates and coatings (typical use is ¼ to ½...