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Silicone Molds

Scoop-n-Save carries a huge selection of silicone molds for cake decoration. Choose from flowers and plants, animals and decorative accents such pearl and gem trims, buttons, gears, and so much more. 

Food Safe Silicone Molds allow you to make a huge range of highly detailed decorations in fondant, gumpaste or isomalt (hard candy). Silicone molds are flexible and easy to work with.  With fondant and gumpaste you work (knead) the medium till soft then push it in to the mold and then demold your new object by simply bending the mold away and let air dry. With isomalt pour the liquid into the mold and let harden before de-molding.


Medium Log Slice Silicone Mold


The Log Slice mould is 9mm deep and is incredibly detailed with every ring, crack and notch clear to be seen. This is one mould you'll use time and time again. Decorate it differently depending on the season.The Log Slice mould works well with nature,...

Small Log Slice Silicone Mold


Created in collaboration with Chef Nicholas Lodge, this highly detailed mould can be used to create a realistic small log slice, measuring 76mm in diameter. Ideal for all sorts of nature-themed projects, it is extremely versatile and adds a perfect...

Hot Air Balloon Silicone Mold


Up, up and away! This silicone mould, featuring 3 sizes of hot air balloons, is perfect for a wide range of cake and cookie decorating or craft projects. With detailed woven baskets, plump balloons and delicate individual ropes, you can style the hot air...

Macrame Silicone Mold


Macrame Silicone Mold   Macramé is making a comeback and now you can craft beautiful decorations in sugar using our new mould!   Giving you five cords, 4 strands of knots, 3 tassles and 3 feathers! Making Macramé has never been so...

Fringe Silicone Mold


Fringe Silicone Mold Create effortless fringes for your cakes! Giving them that beautiful Boho look quickly and easily. Macramé and boho are making a comeback and now you can craft beautiful decorations in sugar using our new mould! See also...

Palm Spear Silicone Mold


Palm Spear Silicone Mold Palm Spears are EVERYWHERE! In bridal bouquets.. home decor and now cakes! And now you can make edible palm spears in seconds with our new mould! This beautiful mould allows you to create perfect palm spears in sugar or...

Trailing Leaves Silicone Mold


Trailing Leaves Silicone Mold Trailing leaves are a huge trend this year! Giving you Succulent, Ivy, Rose and Eucalyptus leaves. Use alongside our flower moulds such as our Succulents, Large Rose, Peony or Buttercream Flowers for beautiful results...

Tropical Fruit Silicone Mold


Tropical Fruit Silicone Mold Create a multitude of highly detailed, hand sculpted fruit! Items can be coloured in various ways giving you endless options! Orange or Grapefruit slice, Orange, Lemon or Lime Slice, Orange, Lemon or Lime segment,...

Ornate Pearls Silicone Mold


Ornate Pearls Silicone Mold Create perfect pearl designs in seconds! This mould allows you to cover entire tiers in a beautiful pearl pattern quickly and easily! No need to spend hours moulding individual strands of pearls! Why not get creative and try...

Weather Silicone Mold


Weather Silicone Mold Make beautiful cakes come rain or shine with our fun new Weather Mould! Giving you a cute sun, rainbow, clouds, moon, stars, rain, snowflakes and umbrella! Everything you need whatever the forecast. Perfect for any occassion. Our...

Nordic Gnome Silicone Mold


Nordic Gnome Silicone Mold This mold allows you to create Nordic Gnome cakes, cupcakes and cookies Can be male or female Giving you a Gnome body, beard, plait, arms, legs and 19 accessories! Our molds can be used for Sugarpaste, Flower paste,...