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Edible Halloween Cake Decorations

halloween cakes with edible decorations including gothic pressed sugar black roses and sugar knives, cleavers and hatchetsNeed to add a eerie effect to your halloween cakes and cupcakes?  We have you covered with all sort of creepy and edible elements. 

Halloween Pressed Sugars 

These edible Halloween decorations feature spooky pressed / molded sugars that come shaped as skulls, pumpkins, eyeballs, bats to elegant gothic black roses to enhance your October baking.  

We also carry halloween candy shapes. 

We have a special separate category just for halloween themed spinkles and sprinkles mixes.  

Tombstone Pressed Sugars (3pc)


Rest in Peace to your Halloween treats - because they will be Gone 4 Now from the dessert table faster than zombies can rise from the dead! The Tombstones Dec-Ons will have your customers dying over your creations this Halloween season. Make long donuts...

Pumpkin Candy Shapes (100g)


Our Orange candy Pumpkin Sprinkles are the cutest sprinkles shape and would be perfect for your upcoming Fall and Halloween parties! Top your spooky sweets with these crunchy sprinkles in the most iconic Halloween shape. Or top your favorite pumpkin...

After Dark Sprinkle Mix (100g)


Don't be caught dead After Dark. Our newest Halloween sprinkles mix is all things graveyard, ghosts, and living dead. Packed with green jimmies of all shades, black chocolate balls, silver nonpareils, ghost quin shapes, and other classic sprinkles to top...

Ghoul Gang Sprinkle Mix (100g)


Bring your Ghoul Gang to the hottest Halloween part on the block! Packed with purple jimmies, black chocolate balls, silver nonpareils, and other classic sprinkles to top your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies! Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Starch, Vegetable Oil...

Hocus Pocus Sprinkle Mix (100g)


Time to glam up Halloween sweets - just add pink! Our pretty in pink Hocus Pocus Halloween mix is the perfect girly sprinkle blend for Halloween parties. Packed with peach jimmies, orange nonpareils, black sugar pearls, and other classic sprinkles to top...