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Sprinkle Mixes

sprinkle mixes

Check out our collection of sprinkle mixes. Wether you want to add them to your cake batter to make a funfetti cake or sprinkle a few on your cupcakes we have you covered with fun choices like the brightly coloured Banana Split, Gyspy Gold, Sea Splash  and my favourite Fat Pants. Make your own sprinkle mixes by selecting the colours and shapes you want from our bulk sprinkles.  Online our sprinkles are sold in 100 grams amounts - in-store you can scoop as much as or as little as you want. 

24 Carrot Sprinkle Mix (100g)


Get fancy for Easter this year with our 24 Carrot sprinkle mix! Packed with rose gold jimmies, green chocolate balls, white star quins, carrot candies, and other classic sprinkles to top your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies!  Ingredients: Sugar, Corn...

Wrapped Up Sprinkle Mix (100g)


Get ready for Christmas tree decorating with our Wrapped Up Christmas sprinkles mix with gorgeous rainbow colors! This sprinkle medley is packed full of forest jimmies, rainbow sixelts and sugar pearls of all colors and other classic sprinkles to top...

Frost Bite Sprinkle Mix (100g)


It's a winter wonderland around here! Our Frost Bite sprinkle mix is a fab mix of fancy sprinkles using modern Christmas colors for your winter celebrations! This sprinkle mix would be great for a Winter Onederland birthday party too. Packed with light...

North Pole Sprinkle Mix (100g)


What is more iconic than the North Pole Christmas colors? Our red and white Christmas sprinkles are the perfect topper for your sweets table. Packed with red jimmies, white sugar pearls, red sugar crystals, white nonpareils, and other classic sprinkles...

Night Cap Sprinkle Mix (100g)


Our Night Cap sprinkles mix was developed based off of the gorgeous colors of after dinner drinks during fall dinner nights! This glam medley is packed with maroon jimmies, gold nonpareils, rose gold chocolate balls, and other classic sprinkles to top...

End Game Sprinkle Mix (100g)


This modern, fab Valentine sprinkles mix would make a fun sweets topper for your upcoming Valentine party! Packed with silver jimmies, white heart quins, red nonpareils, pink sugar pearls, and other classic sprinkles to top your cakes, cupcakes, and...

Sugar Rush Sprinkle Mix (100g)


Sugar Rush, our fun Valentine sprinkle mix with touches of brown inspired by a box of chocolates, is the perfect cupcake, cake, ice cream and cookie sprinkle toppers! Packed with chocolate jimmies, pink nonpareils, red chocolate balls, pink sugar pearls,...

Love Boat Sprinkle Mix (100g)


One of the busiest baking holidays is Valentine's Day. There's no better way to show someone your affections than by cooking something delicious for them. Part of your delicious creation should be the sprinkles. Your entire cupcake can make it or break...

Fat Pants Sprinkle Mix (100g)


Our Fat Pants sprinkles mix was developed based off of our favorite Fall memories, changing of the leaves! This deep, rich medley is packed with purple jimmies, orange nonpareils, gold chocolate balls, and other classic sprinkles to top your cakes,...