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Cookie Tools

PME Scriber Needle Thick 1 pc


This tool for shaping, imprinting, and stencilling helps you achieve lifelike gum paste or fondant flowers, leaves, figures, and other decorations. Perfect for using with royal icing on your cookies to pop air bubbles or pushing the icing to the edge...

PME Scriber Thin

PME Scriber Needle Thin 1 pc


PME Scriber Needle Thin ( 1 pc )  Use this scriber needle to realease air on fondant,cookies and to help move your royal icing ...  For marking templates, releasing trapped air from under icing, etc. Measuring 5.7 Inches Made from hard...

Two-In-One Stick

Two-In-One Tool ( 1 pc )


Two-In-One Tool ( 1 pc )  The perfect multi-purpose tool that compliments any cake decorator. This is a great tool to use like a scriber for moving your royal icing around on cookies, for scooping lustre dust out of the container with the flat end...