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Seashell Cookie Cutter


  She sells seashells on the seashore. Can you say that three times fast? The Seashell Cookie Cutter, 3 1/4", will bring back memories of a beach vacation. This shape was redone in July 2017 to meet our quality standards.Cookies decorated by Flour Box...

Seahorse Cute Cookie Cutter


Looking for something cute and unique for a baby shower? Consider the 4 3/4" Seahorse Cookie Cutter. The mom-to-be will adore seahorse-shaped cookies or even receiving the cookie cutter by itself. Plus, it's a unisex shape, making it ideal for those who...

Penguin Cookie Cutter - 3"


Elegent Penguin Cookie Cutter (Ann Clark) We've made a smaller version of an arctic favorite!  This elegent emporer penguin by Ann Clark is sure to make wonderful winter cookies.  Decorate cookies for a special occasion or just give to someone...

Dolphin Cute Cookie Cutter


Flipper the Dolphin would shriek for our 4" Dolphin Cookie Cutter. This cookie cutter is not as highly intelligent as a real dolphin, but it will make a cheerful addition to any ocean lover's collection. Make dolphin cookies, treats and appetizers. This...

Dog Bone 5" Cookie Cutter


Anyone who loves dogs will love our 5" Dog Bone cookie cutter! Treat your pet to homemade cut out dog biscuits, or use the cookie cutter for craft projects. Woof! Cookies decorated by A Dozen Eggs and Mey's Marvels. Size: 2 3/4" x 5"

Crab 3" Cookie Cutter


Take a trip "under the sea" with the 3" Crab Cookie Cutter. If you're allergic to seafood (or just don't care for the taste), this is a safer way to enjoy crustacean! Whip up a batch of cookies for your next beach outing, and don't get too crabby if you...