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Sleeping Baby Silicone Mould


Make a perfect 3D baby in seconds. The Sleeping baby is a 3D mould, the front and back are moulded seperately then joined together. Our baby mould also has an optional frilly pillow.  Measurements (approx.): 1 half of baby : 2.75" x 1.25" , Pillow 2"x 1...

Baby Shoe Cake Topper

Baby Shoe Silicone Mold


Baby Shoe Silicone Mold Make a cute pair of baby shoes for a baby shower or gender reveal celebration.   You are buying a silicone rubber mould suited for moulding sugarpaste decorations. Other foodstuffs and other modelling materials may...

knit patterned silicone mold

Classic Knit Silicone Mold


Classic Knit Silicone Mold Whether you cover the sides of your cake with this incredibly textured panel or cut out shapes to top cookies and cupcakes, the Classic Knit Simpress™ is an essential knit pattern that is used to create the foundation of...

Trinity Knit Silicone Mold


Trinity Knit Silicone Mold The Trinity Knit Simpress™ was one of those projects that surprised us once the mold was made and we used it for the first time. Even though we have made a lot of molds in our lifetimes, the level of realistic...

Face Large Silicone Mold

$37.59 $9.40

Face Large Silicone Mold Mold faces quickly and easily for any creative cakes for a special celebration .. this 2 dimensional face can be customized for any occasion ..  Measurements (in inches) Length x Width x Depth Large: 3" x 2" x 1" The...

Wings Cherub Silicone Mold

$23.59 $5.89

Cherub Wings Silicone Mold Use this cherub wing on your baby silicone or to make a beautiful angel  ... 2 3/4" x 4 3/4" The material can withstand relatively high temperatures for short periods (up to 250C). The material used is soft and pliable and...

Baby Feet Large Silicone Mold


Use these baby feet as a cake or cupcake topper for your baby shower or baby reveal celebration. The picture shows the mould itself, together with a coloured sugarpaste example of what can be produced. Impressions are shown for illustration only and are...

Baby Feet Silicone Mold


These baby feet are very cute and would match great with the cute little hands .. perfect for a baby shower cake or cupcakes ...  You are buying a silicone rubber mould in the form of zombie snacks suited for moulding sugarpaste decorations...