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Water Creatures

Shark Baby Cookie Cutter


Baby Shark Cookie Cutter  Baby Shark Do do do do -- Baby Shark Do do do do ... You'll be singing Baby Shark as you make adorable cookies in this cute shape. Perfect for kids parties, daycares and pre-schools or for some sweet Shark Week cookies...

Shark Fin Cookie Cutter


Shark Fin Cookie Cutter  Is that "Jaws" music we hear in the background? This "great" cookie cutter will be a fun addition to your Shark Week festivities, or for learning about sharks in school. This summertime shape could also be used to make wave...

Turkey Leg Cookie Cutter


Turkey Leg Cookie Cutter Who doesn't want a turkey leg for Thanksgiving dinner  -- this cutter would not only be great for fun family entertaining at Thanksgiving but also as a great Halloween party treat -- ...  This is a stainless steel...

Penguin Cute Cookie Cutter


Penguin Cute Cookie Cutter  Make fun penguin cookies with this cute penguin cookie cutter ..  March with the penguins with this adorable 4" x 3 3/4" cookie cutter! Lots of fun to use at baby showers, during the holidays, or any time you want...

Mermaid Tail Cookie Cutter


Mermaid Tail Cookie Cutter  Flippin' your fins will get you to our Mermaid Tail Cookie Cutter. Add some flair to an "under the sea"-themed party- especially if it's for a Little Mermaid fan! Seashells sold separately. Cookies decorated...

Gold Fish Cookie Cutter


Gold Fish Cookie Cutter Live gold fish may have a very short lifespan, but our 3 1/2" Gold Fish Cookie Cutter will "live" for many years. It's much more fun than a pet rock, but not nearly as demanding as a dog or cat. Use this cookie cutter for a...