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Valentines Cake with Chocolate Decorations

Posted by Jayden Sepe & Delainey Peterson on 7th Jan 2022

Valentines Cake with Chocolate Decorations

From the electric pink colour to the block letter XOXO toppers, this Valentines Cake is in your face ready for it's close up.  

Decorating Products Used

Cake Instructions:

  • Bake 3 x 8” round x 2” high cakes, lets cool .
  • Stack your cakes using buttercream & whatever other filling you prefer.
  • With the rest of your icing dye it with Electric Pink Gel color to achieve your bright electric color
  • Spread icing on the sides of cake as well as the top and using your tall scraper smooth out the edges and top of your cake!
  • Make your chocolate decorations and add them onto the cake!

Making the Chocolate Decorations:

  1. Melt your tempered chocolate using an electric frying pan set on low - the temperature only needs to be body heat to melt.
  2. If you want your chocolate to be coloured, add powdered fat dispersible colour. Add a small amount of the powder to start and stir and then if needed add more if you want the colour more intense. With the Roxy & Rich powered colours - a little powder goes a long way. We also recommend Cocoa butter nibs to thin back out your chocolate if it gets too thick. The powered colour can thicken the chocolate.
  3. Spoon melted chocolate into the chocolate mold and tap the mold down on counter to get all the air bubbles out, then pop them in the fridge for 5-10 min to set up. Once they are set up flip the mold over onto a piece of parchment paper and chocolates should fall out easily!
  4. Let chocolates come back up to room temperature before adding onto the cake! They should just stick to the buttercream but.. you can always add another small dab of buttercream icing to the back to help them stick.