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Congratulations Class of 2019 Cake and Cupcakes

Posted by Jayden Sepe / Stacy McKay on 9th May 2019

Congratulations Class of 2019 Cake  and Cupcakes

Graduation Cake and Cupcakes

It’s a special time of the year to see your family walk across the stage and into a new chapter so help them celebrate in style with this super easy graduation cake and cupcakes.

Decorating Supplies Used:


Grad cupcakes

Cupcakes (Grad Cap Set):

Cupcakes (Grad Sprinkle Set):

Step 1: Using white buttercream icing ice the top of your cake to create a flat surface to write on. Using white buttercream icing ice the sides of your cake white to allow the ruffles to stick to the cake. The icing on the sides of the cake just need to be a crumb coat.How to decorate your cake:

Graduation Cake

Step 2: Using Tip # 126 in a zig zag motion apply even pressure starting from the bottom of the cake and going up. Once at the top stop applying pressure and move your tip into the center to “cut” the icing. The “fat” part of the tip is placed against the side of the cake with the “thinner” part of the tip out to create a softer ruffle. There is a video tutorial below.

Step 3: Repeat this motion for each color while rotating the colors around the sides of the cake.

Step 4: The top ruffle is done by laying the tip on its side with the “fat” part of the tip to the center of the cake and the “thinner” part of the tip to the outside of the cake. Go around the cake on the border to finish the cake.

Step 5: Place the Grad Hat Cake Topper and then using tip # 3 write your celebratory message on the cake and then you are ready to enjoy the special day.

How to decorate your cupcakes:

Step 1: Using Tip # 1M or # 867/8B swirl your icing in a clockwise motion 1 ½ times around.

Step 2: Decorate with fun sprinkles or cake pics as mentioned above. With cupcakes there are so many options and so many ways to make a fun celebration treat. 

Jayden Sepe, Cake Artist

Jayden Sepe, owner of Scoop-n-Save, professional cake artist and sprinkle aficionado enjoys helping people develop their cake decorating super powers. Jayden studied culinary arts with a specialty in baking and pastry at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and went on to open Forbbiden Sweets where she wowed supplying creative cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Since taking over at the Scoop, Jayden has indulged her shopping addiction to bring new and trending decorating products into the store.