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Fabulous Flamingo Cake

Posted by Jayden Sepe on 18th Jul 2019

Fabulous Flamingo Cake

Jayden channeled her tropical vibe to create this vibrant Fabulous Flamingo cake ! Using the Scoop's exclusive "Fabulous Flamingo Sprinkle Mix" Jayden completed this fun and colorful cake easily with our flamingo candy shapes, a flamingo shaped chocolate mold to be used as a topper and spectacular colors for the icing. Follow the directions provided to re-create your very own flamingo inspired celebration cake for a birthday or a fun summer barbeque .....

Flamingo cake

Products Used:


  1. Ice full cake with white buttercream.  
  2. Colour a small of pink and mint cream coloured icing. Using a offset spatula randomly smear the cake  with each colour
  3. Using a 1M piping tip pipe top swirls on the cake using a squeeze and swirl upwards motion. 
  4. Fill the open top of the cake with the sprinkle mix
  5. Using your fingers or small spatula gently press sprinkle mix into the buttercream at the bottom of the cake.

Flamingo Topper

  1. Melt White Chocolate Nibs (We recommend Van Leer Chocolate because it is actually chocolate rather than wax-based). The best way to melt chocolate is use a double boiler or a electric frying pan filled with water and set on low. Chocolate melts as body temperature so it doesn't need to be hot.  
  2. Using fat dispersable colours, colour a small amount of chocolate pink and yellow. You need to use a fat-dispersable colourant because most other colours contain water and they will cause your chocolate to seize. 
  3. Using the pink colour fill the deeper (flamingo-shaped) cavity, then place your lolly stick into the mold and then pour the yellow to fill the circle section. 
  4. put the mold in the refridgerator for  5 to 7 minutes to set. 
  5. Once the chocolate is set you can pop it out of the mold
  6. Use a black edible pen to add the eye and mouth detail. 
  7. Stick your newly made flamingo topper in the top of the cake!

Jayden Sepe, Cake Artist

Jayden Sepe, owner of Scoop-n-Save, professional cake artist and sprinkle aficionado enjoys helping people develop their cake decorating super powers. Jayden studied culinary arts with a specialty in baking and pastry at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and went on to open Forbbiden Sweets where she wowed supplying creative cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Since taking over at the Scoop, Jayden has indulged her shopping addiction to bring new and trending decorating products into the store.