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Orange Pearl Spirdust 1.5 g

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Spirdust™ Orange Pearl 1.5 g

 Make your cocktails glitter with this super cool Spirdust™ Cocktail Shimmer Dust. The amount of SPIRDUST™ to use in a cocktail is : Just what is needed to make the shimmering effect. The specifications from health agencies are the following for the SPIRDUST™ in alcoholic beverages :Health Canada : 0.5%. This equal around 3 small jars of SPIRDUST™ (5g) per litre (1000g).FDA in the USA : 0.07%. This equal around half a small jar of SPIRDUST™ (0.7g) per litre (1000g). 

Even if the specifications are different from one country to an other, the shimmering effect is achieve with only between 0.35g to 0.7g of SPIRDUST™ per litre or (1/4 to ½ of the small jar) per litre. Add a couple pinches from our 1.5g jar directly in your cocktail and enjoy your new creation. Spirdust™ meets the Canadian Food Standards of Health Canada, the US FDA and the European Commission. 

The SPIRDUST™ is specifically done for cocktails so following the recommended quantities there is no danger of having mouth and teeth colored, and it also meets the food regulations of Health Canada, the FDA and the European Commission for use in alcoholic beverages. Spirdust™can be mixed in alcoholic beverages - up to 0.7g per 1000g ( 1/4 tsp for 1L ) 

Single Servings: Spirdust™ can be added to beverages by adding a couple pinches directly to your drink and stir a little. 

For Larger Quantities: we recommend adding Spirdust™ to the cocktail syrup mixes, juices, liquers or spirits that you will be using to create your alcoholic beverages. This will help avoid spilling the dust on the bar while serving customers.

Shimmering Base with Spirdust™: There are two easy steps to figure out the amount of Spirdust™ to add to your shimmering base. You'll need 1/8 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp and 1 tsp. 

Step 1: Figure out the % of shimmering base in your cocktails. Eg. You want to add Spirdust™ to your 26 oz bottle of vodka that will be used as your shimmering base for the following drinks: Cosmopolitan: 1.5 oz vodka - 3 oz total drink ( 1.5/3=50%)

Sex on the Beach: 1.5 oz vodka - 5 oz total drink ( 1.5/5=30%)

Step 2: Use the highest percentage. Eg. in Step 1, the highest percentage is 50%. Use the 50% dosage based on the shimmering base chart. You then add 1/2tsp of Spirdust™ to the bottle of vodka. 

How to use Spirdust™: Start by adding Spirdust™ to your shimmering base. The Spirdust™ will settle to the bottom after a while, so make sure to shake the shimmering base every time you make a drink. 

Spirdust™ - Serving Per Jar 

1.5 g Jar =  approx 45 - 3 oz drinks

25 g Jar = approx 700 - 3 oz drinks

100 g Jar = approx 2800 - 3 oz drinks

* Large sizes available by pre-order * 

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