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Easter Basket Cake

Posted by Jayden Scott | Leslie Williams on 13th Feb 2023

Easter Basket Cake

Check out this fun Easter Basket Cake our resident cake decorator, Jayden, made. This is an relatively easy project and that someone with a bit of piping experience could undertake.

The  basketweave piping tip (1D)was made for projects like this, literally. What the video below to see how Jayden puts it together. She says the hardest part in doing this cake is getting the spacing even. 

For the purposes of this demo we are going to assume that you have already baked your cake, trimmed to level the tiers and stacked and ice and crumb-coated so the basketweave decoration has something to stick to. 

Start by laying in the long vertical strip up the side of the cake (and slightly above - you don't want a gap to show at the top). Then do short horizontal cross strips with about 1 tip width of space in between. The horizontal strips will over lap about 1/2 the width of the tip. And the top horizontal strip will actually be partially above the cake. Pipe your second vertical strip and then pipe in the horizontal strips in the gaps from the first. Rinse and repeat. 

In the second video you will see Jayden using the 6B Open / French Star Tip to pipe the edge at the top of the cake. The cake is finished off with some fun sprinkles and some Easter chocolates.  

Jayden Sepe, Cake Artist

Jayden Sepe, owner of Scoop-n-Save, professional cake artist and sprinkle aficionado enjoys helping people develop their cake decorating super powers. Jayden studied culinary arts with a specialty in baking and pastry at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and went on to open Forbbiden Sweets where she wowed supplying creative cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Since taking over at the Scoop, Jayden has indulged her shopping addiction to bring new and trending decorating products into the store.