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How Do You Get a Rainbow of Colours into a Piping Bag?

Posted by Jayden Scott on 26th Feb 2020

How Do You Get a Rainbow of Colours into a Piping Bag?

In this post we thought we go back to a cupcake decorating basic. So many cool effects start with having multiple colours loaded into your piping bag. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to load up your piping bag without making a mess and muddying up your colours. 

Step 1: Mix Your Coloured Icing

First, mix up your icing and divide into bowls for each colour you want to use and then mix up your colours. Jayden was making some St. Patricks day cupcakes so she did the six colours of the rainbow. 

bowls of coloured icing

Step 2: Spread the Icing on Saran Wrap

Lay out a piece of saran wrap and line your colors on the saran wrap beside each other. I use a spoon to drop the icing and smooth it a bit - really does not need to be perfect. 

Rows of coloured icing spread on Saran Wrap

Step 3: Roll Up the Saran Wrap

Once all your colors are lined up beside each other on the saran wrap, you roll up the icing in saran like a log, twisting both ends tight. 

Coloured icing rolled up in Saran Wrap

Step 4.  Cut the End of the Rolled Up Icing

at the end your going to drop in your bag, cut with scissors right where the icing starts

cut the end of the icing and Saran Wrap roll off

Step 5.  Put your Icing "Roll" into your Piping Bag

Drop your rolled up sausage of icing in to your piping bag already has the tip you are going to be using in it.

put roll of icing into your piping bag

Step 6.  Test Pipe a Few Swirls

Test squeeze out the icing till it comes out smoothly.

 test piping a few swirls

Step 7.  Pipe your Cupcakes

In the cupcakes below we used a rosette piping technique. We used a 1M tip and starting in the center we circled our way out to the edge keeping the tip level with the top of the cupcake .   Watch our rosette piping video

pipe your cupcakes