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Make Your Own Cupcake Stand

Posted by Leslie Williams on 14th Sep 2016

Make your own Cupcake Tower

We love making funky cupcake stands for our displays at the Scoop. Duck tape is cheap and comes in so many fun colours and patterns that it is easy to create the perfect stand. We've used camoflague for hunting themed cupcakes and pink for princess cupcakes and of course the red for Canada Day cupcakes.  

Even better they are re-usuable - need to re-theme - just re-tape the cake dummies with a different colour or pattern. 


Step: 1

Cover the styrofoam cake dummies with the duck tape of your choice. 

Step: 2 

Mix up a small amount of royal icing (you can't use a glue gun as it will melt the styrofoam).  We sell royal icing mix or you can use our tried and true Royal Icing Recipe

Step: 3

Use the Royal Icing to "glue" the pieces together. Once you have all the pieces attached let the icing harden. Normally this will take about 12 hours but... if the weather is wet you might want to give it a full 24 hours to harden.