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Easter Bunny with Flower Crown Cupcakes (Video Tutorial)

Posted by Jayden Sepe / Stacey McKay on 11th Apr 2019

Easter Bunny with Flower Crown Cupcakes (Video Tutorial)

Hop into decorating a new Easter treat this year with these cute Easter Bunny Flower Crown Cupcakes. So easy to accomplish with some basic cake decorating tips!

Product Used:

Step 1:

Color your buttercream icing into leaf green, electric pink, electric yellow and soft pink. Fill your piping bags with the different icing so that you are already to go including the white icing – which will have the most icing depending on the amount of cupcakes that you want to decorate.

Step 2:

Using Tip # 809 and white buttercream icing over pipe a swirl onto your cupcake. When you pipe one and a half times around layer on top of the starting point icing to add height.

Step 3:

Insert the Easter Bunny Ears pressed sugars into the buttercream icing where you want them to go. Using Tip # 17 pipe your electric pink rosettes randomly.

Step 4:

Using Tip # 5 pipe individual petals to form a 5 petal flower by “squeezing” the icing from the outside and pulling towards the center. Place a pink shimmer bead in the center of each flower with tweezers.

Step 5:

Using Tip # 14 pipe star shaped flowers randomly amongst the other flowers. You “squeeze” and then as you pull up you release the pressure to form the star. If your star has a point dip your finger in a bit of cornstarch and press down to drop the icing tip.

Step 6:

Using Tip # 352 pipe leaves to accent the flower crown. You “ squeeze” to create the widest part of the leaf and slowly release the pressure as you pull the icing for the length of the leaf.

Voila! You are finished with a fun Easter treat creation sure to please the young and old at Easter dinner.