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Cinderella Cake

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Cinderella Cake

Jayden was inspired by the new  Classic Single Swag mold from Marvelous Molds and thought that a Princess Cake would be just the thing to try it out on.  

The top tier of this cake features our  Cinderella Topper set

The elegant second tier of this cake shows a quilted diamond pattern accented with  gold dragees. Jayden took the easy road and  used our quilting tool to make the pattern. The showstopper on this layer is the fancy carriage. 

Jayden used our  Princess Carriage Gumpaste Cutter Set to cut out the pieces of the carriage. She let them dry and then  painted the wheels and decorative crown with Roxy and Rich Gold Highlighter. She dusted the carriage body with lustre dust to make it sparkle  

The carriage was then glued together using sugar glue ( tylose powder and water) to paste the pieces together and then to the cake. If you were doing a buttercreme cake you could just press the carriage into the icing. Alternately for a fondant cake your could use a bit of royal icing or even a bit of melted chocolate to glue the carriage to your cake. 

The bottom layer features lovely fondant swags made with our new swag mold and accented with small bows (also made with a mold). 

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