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Beauty and Beast Themed Cake

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Jayden made this beautiful cake that takes inspiration from Belle's iconic yellow ballgown. It looks spectacular and is actually surprisingly easy to put together. Our demo cake was done on a styrofoam cake dummy but we have included "cake" instructions below. 

This cake is 6" tall and required 3 6" by 2" layers. Jayden says that this will take 1.5 Duncan Hines cake mixes to make.


  1. Once your cakes layers are ready use a layer of buttercreme to stack the cakes.  You can use our buttercreme recipe of buy CK buttercreme pre-made. 
  2. Ice the entire cake with a thin layer (skim coat) of buttercreme - this will help the rosettes adhere to the cake.
  3. Jayden used Americolor Lemon Gel Color with just a touch of Americolor Gold to make the yellow color.
  4. Using a piping bag with a 1M tip start in  at the bottom of the rosette and sweep in a circular motion. (see video below)
  5. To add a bit of texture Jayden added Grande White Pearls to random rosettes
  6. Jayden finished the cake off with the Belle Tiara Topper and a couple of 2" Sugarcraft Red Roses and 1" Sugarcraft Red Roses

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