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1 Ounce

Lorann oils and emulsions

Green Apple Flavoring 1 oz


Green Apple Flavoring 1 oz  Add the tangy-ness of a Granny Smith to all kinds of candies and baked treats with our Green Apple flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil). It’s not just a fall favorite. Enjoy the taste of perfectly ripe,...

Banana Cream Flavoring 1 oz


Banana Cream Flavoring 1 oz  Dive into our delectable Banana Cream Flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil)! This is a popular flavor among bakers and candy makers and can be used as a secret ingredient to boost the banana flavor in any...

Bourbon Flavoring 1 oz


Bourbon Flavoring 1 oz  In 1964, a congressional resolution declared bourbon whiskey “America’s Native Spirit”. Our Bourbon flavor, (also known as candy flavoring oil) is a unique flavor resembling the sweet, oaky flavor of...

Bubble Gum Flavoring 1 oz


Bubblegum Flavoring 1 oz  Bubble Gum flavor, (also known as candy flavoring oil) is a fun flavor that is popular with kids. Bubble Gum flavored candy will have you wanting to blow bubbles. A little goes a long way! Use these flavors to add to...

Butter Flavoring 1 oz


Butter Flavoring 1 oz  Better with butter! Get the rich, creamy taste of butter in your baking and candy making, but without the fat. Our Butter flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil) will enhance your recipes with the taste of butter...

Caramel Flavoring 1 oz


Caramel Flavoring 1 oz    A wonderfully rich addition to a variety of desserts, our Caramel flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil -  also tastes delicious in beverages and other treats.  Note: When substituting these...

Coconut Flavoring 1 oz


Coconut Flavoring 1 oz  The sweet smell and flavor of coconut conjures up visions of palm trees in the tropics. As part of a fruit dip, our Coconut flavoring (also known as candy flavoring oil) can be the perfect fit to a themed party. Appropriate...

Coffee Flavoring 1 oz


Coffee Flavoring 1 oz  Adding coffee flavoring to your desserts and beverages will add rich dimension to your recipes, with barely a hint of the caffeine.Appropriate for use in chocolates and coatings, but may cause some thickening. Add liquified...

Cotton Candy Flavoring 1 oz


Cotton Candy Flavor 1 oz  Bring the fun of the county fair right into your kitchen! You can savor the sweetness of this cotton candy flavor (also referred to as candy flavoring oil) by adding it to cookies, cupcakes, cakes, frostings, drinks, and...